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Branding Branding Branding Creative

Pitch on 70th Anniversary of PRC

Marketing Marketing Marketing

Christie’s Proposal Design

Christian College Campaign

Creative Creative Creative

Cyberport ICTYEP Campaign


Tung Wah College Portal Site

Case Study Creative

Zero Carbon Interactive Game

Development UX/UI UX/UI

e-zone Web Revamp

Asia Miles Bank Account Promotion

HMMP Medical Web App


50 Anniversary Booklet + Website

Master Lung with Wood

Royal Dignity Travel Revamp

Development Development Development Development UX/UI

EAA Education Multi-language Site

ZUJI – call to book banners

Branding Branding

links dating branding design

Creative Pitch on Green Point

Car8 Revamp

go fresh Brand Design

Clover International Offical Site

Broadway Mini Site

Adlib Fashion

Fresh Wave Film Festival

Emma Wong

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