Our Approach

How’s we work?

Agile Methodology with Design Thinking

Obviously, we talk about price, deadlines, and all those lovely juicy details, but most importantly we talk about your needs and goals of the projects.


By creating flow charts, wireframes and prototypes, we help you to define the user flow through your digital product and the overall functionality, features, and information.

User Research

1. User Research

Use customer journey to find best user needs and flows

Master Design

2. Master Design

Establish a suitable art direction and architecture for product


3. Prototype

Design interfaces and flows with inVision or other tools


4. Development

HTML5 Prototype development for further development

Brand & Design

With your story, appropriate tone and visual, to make your brand stand out from the crowd with impressive brand image.


1. Research

Find out the uniqueness with competitors’ brand research

Art Direction

2. Art Direction

Voice your brand with a strong image and powerful message


3. Adaption

Apply guideline and design to different publicity channels


4. Production

Completely design, produce and print designs as needed


Use data and tracking to deliver high-ROI marketing campaigns with a suitable budget and plan.

Audits & Tracking

1. Audits & Track

Web audit, traffic tracking and customer behavior analysis for planning

Plan & Strategy

2. Plan & Strategy

Based on data, content and market dynamics to set up directions and plans



Increase your search ranking and generate more relevant traffic.

Launch & Report

4. Launch & Report

Finally, Raise your sales.


Your product should leverage aesthetic, information and service to incorporate conversion rate optimisation and generate revenue online.

Content Planning

1. Content Planning

Defines the infrastructure, requirement and content plan

Design & Prototypes

2. Design & Prototypes

Construct the better user flow and finalized design before coding

Code & Development

3. Code & Development

Developers will turn the idea layout into a reality

UAT & Launch

4. UAT & Launch

Will do user testing (UAT) before the launch to make sure everything is ready

Case Studies

Pitch on 70th Anniversary of PRC

The project is to design a Logo and Key Visual for publicity collaterals and celebration.

BCM Mobile Banking

We provide profession research, UX/UI design and HTML5 prototype development services.

Goods Market Brand Building

A cultural e-com website serve locals.

Christian College Campaign

Helping College to build up unique position via rebranding campaign.

EAA Education Multi-language Site

This is responsive website with well design layout, content structure and CMS development with multi-languages support.

Cyberport ICTYEP Campaign

A successful case for campaign brand visual building case.

Tung Wah College Portal Site

Tung Wah College would like to make their website with seamless user experience across platforms.

Zero Carbon Interactive Game

Interactive game makes visitors experiencing much more enjoyable through the user-friendly interface of the game.

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