Branding Case Study Development UX/UI

Goods Market Brand Building (Chinese Version Only)


How can we make traditional and out-fashion shops to reach the market on internet? A cultural e-com website serve locals. The cultural platform “Goods Market” is giving new face and stories for traditional shops reaching new market via internet. A unique art direction and textual arrangement is created to make audience enjoying the read and buying via the platform.

The cultural website platform “Goods Market” is connecting local traditional but valuable shop with people outside the community. It provides a magazine like shopping feature and embedded with local stories to online buyer. People could read and enjoy buying together in different stories and articles in the same time. The website is designed in responsive way to adapt best viewing experience even in different sizes of device’s screen.

The website transform to the magazine interface which can be swap pages by user’s finger on Ipad/Mobile. User can enjoy with reading stories and buy the items in the articles without going to “shop” page. Culture studies in Hong Kong traditional street markets, shops, people, and relative culture.


HTML5, Ajax, WordPress, JSON, e-Commerce, responsive design, marketplace, culture, multi-vendors, responsive design, e-commerce


The difficult part is to create best user experience to different devices and different screen size. We would like to break the impression of similar website layouts about online shop and online magazine.

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