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Christian College Campaign

The Client

Gratia Christian College, a private independent Christian university that excels in liberal arts and professional education, which is established in 2015. The client would like to have a new website that would support their students and staff whilst promoting their ethos and values to the public.


Pitching Idea

Gratia Christian College is the first Christian tertiary institution in Hong Kong stressing the importance of servant leadership and intellectual development and deliver core values CHRIST. As Gratia Christian College is a newly developed university, our team would like to integrate her core values together with young, energetic and happiness elements. Thus, we come up an idea with “Renovation”.

Highly Flexible Site with Content Management System

The site is built with an open source platform WordPress which is the top most reliable, flexible, usable content management system in the market. We have customised the admin backend panel by creating specific widget to offer the right for the client showing different kind of news on their preference ranging from text information, image banner with link to video along the sidebar.

Content Management System Training

In order to make client fully comfortable with the site’s capabilities, we provided a support guide together with a half-day training session on site.

Mobile Friendly Design

The website has been designed to work responsively ensuring all users get a focused browsing experience over a variety of device in different sizes.

Multi-sites Design Approach

To enhance the flexibility and have more control over the site, we have adopted a Multi-sites Design Approach. This would allow the client to create mini sites on their own via the backend admin panel anytime.

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