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Expand your marketing team with digital agency?

Here are a few situations which help your in-house marketing team powered up with agency, and you should keep your marketing in-house. Outsourcing doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your entire in-house team, and the agency would then take care of everything. Some agencies work with your team members, and activities are split.

1. Promote your key players and expand with functionality

If every aspect of digital marketing is covered by your current team, there might be no reason to outsource. But if you are in need of more deep digital marketing, like affiliate marketing, performance marketing, search engine optimization, a specialized digital agency to take care would be much better. For example, if you need help with email marketing but you have a copywriter and graphic designer in-house you could outsource just email marketing.

2. Move routine tasks to agency and maximum the team’s abilities

This is an opposite approach to increase your marketing power. Your team can be more focus on business strategy and high level marketing plan by shifting routine and lower value tasks to agency. Such as website product/content maintenance, routine and traditional marketing campaigns, copywriting finetone tasks etc…

Also, you can consider to do more marketing automation to enhance the marketing performance with CRM & Segmentation marketing. It could help your team to increase the marketing and sales performance with affordable marketing budget and resources.

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