Online Promo 網上推廣

Online Promo 網上推廣

We specialize in marketing strategies that improve the SERP (Search Results Page) ranking of your site. SEM essentially includes SEO search engine optimization, PPC keyword advertising, and other ways to increase your exposure to search engines. 我們專長提升網站 SERP(搜尋結果頁)排名的行銷策略,SEM 本質上包含了 SEO 搜尋引擎優化、PPC 關鍵字廣告和其他能提高在搜尋引擎曝光機會的方式。


Audits & Track 審計/數據分析
Art Direction

Plan & Strategy 推廣策略/規劃


Launch & Report 宣傳及報告

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  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 搜尋引擎優化


    透過調整與優化網站內部的程序、架構內容以及外部連結,以符合Google/Bing等搜尋引擎演算法則,提高網站排名與曝光度,從而增加商業及銷售機會。By optimizing website codes, content and external links to comply with search engine algorithms. We can help your website improved ranking and exposure as increasing business and sales opportunities.

    Initial Setup | 項目準備工序

    1. Google Tag Manager Connection | GTM 設定
    2. SEO Related Tool Tracking Connection | SEO 相關工具設定
    3. Full Website Audit | 網站審核報告
    4. Sitemap.xml & Rober.txt Generation | 生成
    5. SEO Best Practice Guideline | SEO 最佳做法指南

    Optimization Services | SEO 優化服務

    1. Google Analytics & Search Console Account Management | GA & Search Console 帳戶管理和維護
    2. Site Audit Reports & Recommendations | 審核報告和建議
    3. Page Level Best Practices | 單一網頁最佳做法
    4. Traffic & Keyword Reports, Insights and Recommendations | 流量和關鍵字報告,見解和建議

    working days 工作天 : 30-45 days

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) 搜尋引擎行銷


    搜尋引擎行銷 (SEM) 主要是透過購買搜尋結果列表,包含關鍵字點擊廣告(PPC)及付費收錄廣告(PFI),運用 PPC 換取曝光和數據,縮短測試市場及互動的時間,補足關鍵字建議,並針對準確的字詞投放廣告,鎖定目標客群。Search engine marketing (SEM) is through the paid search (PPC) and (PFI) to increase exposure in short time. It can also get exposure and data, reducing the time to test the market, customer interaction, improve keyword suggestion, as well as target customer segments.

    Account Management 帳戶管理

    1. Setup, launch, monitor and optimize Google ads platforms | 設置、監察及優化 Google ads 廣告平台
    2. Ad targeting: Develop and refine audience targeting | 廣告定位:制定目標客戶及群體定位
    3. Tracking: Google Analytics recording, upkeep and recommendations | 數據跟踪:Google Analytics 分析記錄,維護和建議
    4. Budget monitoring, delivery upkeep, optimization insights | 預算及廣告發放監察及優化意見
    5. Scheduled Reporting | 定期的廣告成效報告

    working days 工作天 : 30-45

  • Online Advertising 網上廣告


    A Simple, direct, mobile friendly promotion to sell your product, service or send greetings to your target audience. 網上推廣電郵,簡單直接,流動設備通用。

    Provide various types of PPC service, namely, search ads, display ads, video ads, and LinkedIn ads.

    For search ads | 搜索廣告 :

    1. Include a fixed amount of management fee and a flexible ad budget. | 包括固定金額的管理費和靈活的廣告預算。

    For display / video ads | 展示廣告/視頻廣告 :

    1. Advertise on Google partner platforms in different forms like texts and pictures. | 在Google合作夥伴平台上以文字和圖片等不同形式投放廣告。
    2. Delivering general advertisements and brand messages to online users. | 投放廣告和品牌信息。
    3. Mainly classified into bumper ads and preview in-stream ads. | 主要分為大頭貼廣告和預覽插播廣告。
    4. Keep track on the traffic driven by video ads to result elevation. | 跟踪視頻廣告帶來的流量,以提高點擊率。

    For LinkedIn ads | LinkedIn 廣告 :

    1. Include 3 different types of ads: text ads, sponsored ads, and in-mail. | 包括3種不同類型的廣告:文字廣告,贊助廣告和電子郵件。

    working days 工作天 : 1-2