Online Advertising 網上廣告


A Simple, direct, mobile friendly promotion to sell your product, service or send greetings to your target audience. 網上推廣電郵,簡單直接,流動設備通用。

Provide various types of PPC service, namely, search ads, display ads, video ads, and LinkedIn ads.

For search ads | 搜索廣告 :

  1. Include a fixed amount of management fee and a flexible ad budget. | 包括固定金額的管理費和靈活的廣告預算。

For display / video ads | 展示廣告/視頻廣告 :

  1. Advertise on Google partner platforms in different forms like texts and pictures. | 在Google合作夥伴平台上以文字和圖片等不同形式投放廣告。
  2. Delivering general advertisements and brand messages to online users. | 投放廣告和品牌信息。
  3. Mainly classified into bumper ads and preview in-stream ads. | 主要分為大頭貼廣告和預覽插播廣告。
  4. Keep track on the traffic driven by video ads to result elevation. | 跟踪視頻廣告帶來的流量,以提高點擊率。

For LinkedIn ads | LinkedIn 廣告 :

  1. Include 3 different types of ads: text ads, sponsored ads, and in-mail. | 包括3種不同類型的廣告:文字廣告,贊助廣告和電子郵件。

working days 工作天 : 1-2