Print Design 印刷品設計

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  • booklet_700

    Brochure 目錄書刊

    An creative and inspiring collection of catalog and booklet designs that speak volumes about their creativity. 一個創意和鼓舞人心的收藏目錄和小冊子的設計,即可向讀者過目不忘,記憶尤新。

    working days 工作天 : 3-5

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  • mag_ad_700

    Print advertising 平面廣告

    In the era of mobile, wanna to attract your target audience to take an immediate action when your print ads at first glance? 在行動資訊的時代,想透過平面廣告令你的目標客戶立即採取行動?

    working days 工作天 : 2-3

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  • pullup_700

    Pull up banner 易拉架

    A Pull Up Banner is a portable display system used mainly for public events. Display them anywhere to catch the quick attention of viewers of passersby.  直立式宣傳展示架,容易安裝,易於攜帶,適用於各種大小展覽、短期推廣及商業促銷。

    working days 工作天 : 1-2

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  • leftlet_700

    Leaflet 宣傳單張

    If there is  “A Strong Call to Action”, you need a Leaflet to yield an immediate value. 想你的目標客戶立即行動?利用宣傳單張,為你帶來最簡單直接的效益。Size 尺吋 : A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, B0, B1

    working days 工作天 : 2-3

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  • poster_700

    Poster 海報

    Posters are traditional and affordable and yet have such high impact that they are an excellent investment for keeping your high profile in the competitive market. 要大眾知道你係邊個、記得你、知道你有新產品、一張海報唔少得!Size 尺吋 : A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, B0, B1

    working days 工作天 : 2-3

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