Online Promotion 網上推廣

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  • Presentation 產品/活動簡報

    Instead of providing a ton of information to your target audience during presentation, let present it in a way of infographics and visualization to persuade and interact with them.  簡報不只是簡報,是一場「你跟觀眾交流」的舞台。用圖像化的動態畫面展示數據,用震撼人心的相片帶出想法背後的故事,使簡報內容視覺化,讓觀眾不但被邏輯說服,也要讓他們因感動而相信。

    working days 工作天 : 2-5

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  • Email direct marketing (EDM) 電郵宣傳

    A Simple, direct, mobile friendly promotion to sell your product, service or send greetings to your target audience. 網上推廣電郵,簡單直接,流動設備通用。

    working days 工作天 : 1-2

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  • Web banner 網頁廣告

    To make it simple, we charge same price for any standard dimension of Web Banner. 一個價錢,製作任何大小的標準尺吋的網頁廣告。

    working days 工作天 : 1

  • Campaign website 宣傳活動網頁

    A Campaign Site not only enhances the brand awareness, but also allows the public to keep track the latest news of the promotion easily. 行動資訊的時代,一個產品、服務、活動專屬的推廣網頁,不但大大提高受眾對推廣的認知程度,令他們更加容易接收有關的情報。

    working days 工作天 : 2-4

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