Brand Identity 品牌識別

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  • Branding campaign design 品牌宣傳設計

    Items included : logo, Campaign site, leaflet, web banner, poster and pull up banner. 項目包括: 標誌設計、網頁、宣傳單張、網頁廣告、海報以及易拉架。

    working days 工作天 : 5-10

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  • Name card 公司名片

    Stunningly Professional Business Card will attract your target customers to your business! 一切從從交換名片開始,透過名片的設計、紙質、印刷效果,讓對方主動聯絡你。

    working days 工作天 : 1

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  • Logo design 標誌設計

    An Impressive Logo helps you to be recognizable on the spot, and deliver an immediate and positive association with your company and products.   好Logo, 讓人一眼愛上,再看讓人記住你的品牌、記住你的產品,讓你的公司、品牌理念成功帶給目標客戶。

    working days 工作天 : 2-3

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